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Following Documentary, Questions About Scranton Strangler Renewed

Guster Grint • November 13th, 2014

SLOUGH AVE., SCRANTON - Last year Scranton residents were enthralled by two very different stories: the release of a 10-year documentary chronicling the lives of average Strantonians, and the capture of a notorious strangler who had evaded police custody for years. At first glance, the stories could not seem less alike, but as a subplot later on in the 10-episode documentary reveals, one of its subjects, a Toby Flenderson, was on the jury that condemned Skub, the alleged Scranton Strangler.

Throughout several episodes, Flenderson can be seen trying to discuss the situation with his coworkers, and seems to be of the strong opinion that Skub was actually innocent. When the Tribune reached out to Flenderson for comment, he stated that I still believe in Skub's innocence, even after the events at the prison. As some readers may know, Flenderson is referencing his visit to the incarcerated Skub, who promptly strangled him.

Flenderson's conviction, as televised by the PBS documentary The Office: An American Workplace, has prompted renewed interest in the case. While the Scranton Police Department did not respond to requests for comment, a recent press conference held by the Chief of Police suggests that they are willing to reopen the case if any new evidence comes forward.

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