The Scranton Tribune

Unveiling of New Coal Mining Mural at the Mall

Janice Swab • January 24th, 2012

STEAMTOWN MALL, SCRANTON - Famous local artist Tracy Fleeb will be unveiling a new mural, her third in Scranton, this Thursday. Though Ms. Fleeb has yet to offically release the design of the mural, Scrantonites have been able to see it in progress for the past few months at the Steamtown Mall, on the fomerly-blank wall next to the Victoria's Secret on the second floor.

According to reports, the mural depicts three larger-than-life coal miners leading a donkey out of a coalmine. In the background, astute eyes can spot a golden canary crowing, a coal dust storm, and the beginnings of Scranton far behind the mine and the miners. Ms. Fleeb's artist statement reads as follows:

My intention with the piece was to show the everyday lives of the hardworking men and women that built and fueled Scranton. By showing how these humble people created our town, we can remind our children how best to live their lives. That is exactly why it is placed in the mall, where this reminder is most needed.

The mural was funded by the Lackawanna Coal Museum as a part of their 2010 "Coal History Awareness" campaign. Ms. Fleeb won the mural last June, while she was still working on a piece of public art for the Scranton Historical Society.

The unveiling will be at 11am on Thursday at the Steamtown Mall. Free cheese and wine (or grape juice!) will be provided for those in attendance.