Janice Swab

Picture of Janice Swab

Ms. Swab is an accomplished writer who graduated from Scranton College in 1998 as a creative writing major. She specializes in local politics and business news.

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Guster Grint

Picture of Guster Grint

Mr. Grint has been working for the Tribune as a journalist for 15 years. In that time he has been nominated for 0 Pulitzers, because this isn't a real website and he, unfortunately, does not exist.

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Kelly Young

Picture of Kelly Young

Miss Young is a junior journalist at the Tribune who does all our grunt work: namely, obituatires and ads. Sorry, Kelly.

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Al Deor

Picture of Al Deor

Mx. Deor is a brilliant student of psychology who writes science news for the Tribune. In real life, they're my partner. :)

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